Custom Applications Development

Custom Application Development

Intervise: Elevating Client Competitiveness through Strategic Application Development and Integration

Intervise provides custom applications consulting, development and integration services designed to improve the competitiveness of our clients by allowing them to extend access to constituency application services through the enterprise to their key stakeholders. Our success is in part driven through our vast experience in application testing and our understanding of the importance of the principal of “shift-left”. Shift-left promotes the importance of testing during the application life-cycle by requiring measurable validation of testing requirements during the application requirements and design phase. This ensures early defect detection and prevention and allows our clients to effectively assess if an application will meet its defined objectives. This approach works well with an Agile development approach allowing rapid Continuous Development (CD) and Continuous Testing (CT) cycles.

Application development has evolved

Application development has evolved from a focus on improving internal organizational process efficiencies and data storage management, to a place where internal and externally facing applications drive competitive advantages for organizations in every industry. Intervise works together with our clients to understand their unique competitive market advantages and business processes to ensure applications are architected to maximize their investments. With our partners, Intervise has helped design and build some of the largest portal applications in use in the defense and civilian public sector today.

Our highly skilled team of technical professionals utilizes proven methodologies to deliver exceptional applications on-time and within budget. Benefits to the Intervise approach include:

    1. Structure to mitigate project management risk.
    2. Process to ensure that the development team systematically
        addresses technical design, test and implementation issues
    3. Agility to manage external factors affecting project delivery

Our clients are engaged by our team of highly experienced professionals who have the requisite industry experience, domain knowledge, technical expertise, and business acumen to support technology initiatives and ensure long-term success.

Custom Application Development
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Case Studies

Full Life Cycle Support for
Department of Defense
Electronic Medical Record
Strategic Mobility 21

The Strategic Mobility 21 (SM21) is the initial phase of the Joint Deployment and Distribution Support Platform (JDDSP) program.